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Manned & Static Guarding Services

Providing Tailored Security Solutions

Evolve Guards Ltd provide fully trained, uniformed, licensed static guards and manned guarding solutions. Constantly assessing, pro-actively dealing with and securing your property or workplace.

With detailed communication and reporting, Evolve Guards Ltd provide customers and businesses with tailored security solutions. We strive to give your business interests a professional visible security presence. We will assist in reducing risks and incidents helping save cost on insurance, plus associated expense that goes with it.
Protecting your business interests, property, employees and clients base.
Professional highly visible image or low visible covert solutions.
Gatehouse, weigh-bridge, reception and many other security duties.
Planned in-depth reported security patrolling internal and external.
Searching of personnel, property, vehicles and lockers etc.
Rapid response, first aid and marshalling in emergency situations.
Health and Safety inspection, reporting and issue avoidance.
Out of hours monitoring of machinery, pumps and other ancillary business property.
Premises opening, lock up and alarm setting duties.
We can provide manned guarding solutions throughout East Anglia. All operations and solutions come with 24/7 and 365 days a year support. We can also operate nationally at any of your business interests with reasonable notice at your request.

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Why Evolve?

We tailor our security services to meet to your exacting requirements. Our operatives offer a diverse range of security cover.
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