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Door Supervision Service

Protecting Your Licensed Premises, Employees & Customers

Evolve Guards Ltd provides fully trained, licensed door supervisors, protecting your licensed premises, employees and your customers. Continually pro-actively assessing any potential risk or present situation, too ensure the safety of your staff, patrons and property.

Evolve Guards Ltd work with a wide client base of licensed business. Giving us the ability to perform to your exacting high security requirements however big or small your premises are.
All your venues will be provided with uniformed and fully trained door supervisors.
Incident Report Compliance Assured.
Proactive risk assessment and ongoing security solutions.
Fully trained operatives in physical intervention techniques.
Radio communication trained security personnel.
Accompanying licensed close protection operatives for any personality performer if required.
Full operative documentation of attendance, safety requirements, toilet checks and other requirements.
Professional people and crowd management training.
Evolve operations, area management, 24/7 and 365 days per year comprehensive support.
Club and Licensed premises consultation and assessment as per your directions.

Call the team today to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced consultants.

Why Evolve?

We tailor our security services to meet to your exacting requirements. Our operatives offer a diverse range of security cover.
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